If you’re looking to add value and beauty to your home, Trademark Garage Floors has a variety of services to help you achieve that. We have over 35 years experience in Central Florida! So whether you are looking to coat your garage floor, patio, lanai, driveway or walkways, we’ve got you covered!

We offer a variety of services and products including: epoxy, urethane, stain, polyaspartic polyurea, color chip floors and much more.

Why look at your ugly garage floor anymore? Whether it has never been coated, is covered in dirt and oil stains, or has been coated but is now peeling, we have a floor just for you; and we know exactly how to prep it for a long lasting install.

Before we install any of our products, we diamond grind the entire floor to remove any dirt, oil or previous coatings.

Once the floor is prepped we will then repair any cracks or holes that may be there.

Do not let some painter with a truck and a roller tell you that the floor does not have to be diamond ground; it is the only way to ensure a proper adhesion to the concrete. Skipping this vital step will only guarantee that the floor peels.

Find out more about our garage floor preparation process below:

Garage Floor Preparation

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