Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Polyaspartic better than epoxy?

Polyaspartic is 4 times more durable than epoxy, will not fade in the sunlight, will not turn yellow over time like epoxy does, can be installed in one day, and walked on within 2 hours.

Why do you have to remove the old coating?

If we apply a new coating to an old one, the new floor is only as good as what is underneath. There is a high chance that the old coating will peel, resulting in the peeling of your new floor too.

Why do you have to diamond grind the floor?

Diamond grinding is the only way to ensure that all existing coatings, as well as dirt and oil, are removed. It will open up the pores of the concrete to allow better adhesion.

Why can’t you just use acid to clean the floor?

Acid will not remove any previous coatings and can actually do more damage than good. Acid can be used in some cases effectively but it is still far better to diamond grind the floor. Acid can also change the pH level of the floor which can cause adhesion problems.

Do the chips make the floor stronger?

Yes, the chips add strength to the floor. They also add additional layers which will give the floor more durability.

Is the floor slippery?

All of our products are designed not to be slippery. If it is a concern though, we can add skid guard to the top coat giving the floor extra slip resistance.

Can it be installed outside?

Epoxy will fade in sunlight but our Polyaspartic material can be used outside with no problems.

How long does it take to install?

Epoxy and Urethane products generally take a minimum of 2 days to install. With our Polyaspartic product, an average garage can be installed in just 1 day.

How long before I can walk or drive on it?

Epoxy and Urethane floors need 24 hours before being walked on and up to a week to drive on. Our Polyaspartic product can be walked on in just 2 hours and driven on in 24 hours.

What cities do you service?

We install garage floor coatings as well as driveways, retail stores, factories and warehouses in the following cities: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Indian Rocks Beach, Reddington, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Bradenton, Valrico, Ruskin, Sarasota, Land O Lakes, New Port Richey, Orlando, Port Richey, Spring Hill, The Villages, Hudson, Brooksville, Zephyrhills, Lakeland and the surrounding areas. We will also travel for certain sized jobs. Please contact us if you do not see your city listed or would like to check if we will travel to your area.